The Process

Here is an inside look at our rebranding. This past year has been a myriad of so many different changes. With that comes positivity, challenges, and many emotions, involving every aspect of my children, my business, and myself. I wanted to re-brand Schnarbles into something that reflected the ‘new’ us.

Our popular crisscross back dresses would now make girls feel beautiful and also help to provide support to those who have experienced abuse.

The Name

We now have a business partner who shares our passion and desire to help change the world. Our belief is that change starts with children. So it made perfect sense to name the line after my daughters. The girls we’re involved in the whole process of the re-brand.

After several discussions, we thought of a new identity. Trying different variations of their names, middle names, etc. We would have thoughts late at night and text them images of how the names would look and have them decide what they liked from fonts, to colors, to the placement of their names.

Charlie & Alivia was born!


Our Mission

Prior to launching, we wanted the girls to understand our mission and what they would be working towards. Some of the discussions involved, what happens when a child is abused, how sexual assault impacts someone, the effects of domestic violence on the individual and those who may witness it, and all the resources one would need after experiencing any trauma.

Two organizations were chosen to give back to and the girls were so proud to help others. “Mom, I want to make sure that everyone can talk to someone if they are hurt.” Mom, we want to make sure that everyone feels safe at home”. It was so touching to see that even at the ages of 6 and 8, they were able to understand and how strongly they want to help. It gives us all the hope in the world!

During the process we realized there was a lot involved in re-branding. It was intense! We are still ironing out a lot of the details, making sure Schnarbles’ customers are aware that we are now Charlie & Alivia, and discovering new friends. We would love to hear from all of you and make sure to post pictures and tag us #charliealivia so we can see your cuties!

2 thoughts on “Rebranding

  1. Darlene Wells says:

    I love the changes & happy to hear the girls excitement about the fund & where the money goes.
    So proud of you, Lisa, Alivia & Charlie. And thank you for the partnership of another. Thank you so much for believing in Lisa & her visions. Proud as any Aunt can be.

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